Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will I get if my friend buys a vehicle?

A $200 check will be mailed to you after your friend takes delivery of their vehicle. $50 if your friend utilized GMS or Supplier pricing.

Can I refer somebody who has purchased from ELCO already?

You can, but you won’t get a referral check. They are no longer a referral at this point, but actually a repeat customer.

Will I get $400 if my referral buys 2 cars?

No. A maximum of $200 is paid per referral.

I have never been to ELCO before, can I send my friend in and still be eligible?

Yes! This program does not require the referrer to have done business with ELCO previously.

My friend just bought a car yesterday from ELCO, can I use to get my $200 today?

Unfortunately no. All referrals need to be submitted prior to the customer visiting the dealership.

Am I still eligible if my referral Leases a vehicle?


Am I still eligible if my referral buys a New or Pre-Owned vehicle?